Sunday, April 2, 2017

Emily Lost a Tooth

Emily has been walking around with "shark teeth" for a while now.  Her front, bottom teeth decided to come in behind her baby teeth.  I was trying to wait until both were fully in before I took her to the dentist to have the baby teeth pulled.  Well, one of those baby teeth decided to get seriously loose.  I'm not so good with teeth and was considering driving her to New Orleans so Grandmother, aka The Master Tooth Puller, could pull it out.  However, there was no need for that.  Emily's best bud Catherine, aka The Future Dentist, pulled it out for us!  I tied a piece of floss to the tooth and Catherine just pulled it right out.  Elson stood by for support.  Emily said it didn't hurt and was very excited that the tooth fairy gave her a sparkly two dollar bill.

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