Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Happy Father's Day

We spent Father's Day weekend spoiling the Dad in our house!!  He played golf, had breakfast in bed, a dance party and lunch with family.  As an added bonus, we had an adult night because the twins went to Camp Leesville sponsored by Mimi and Pops!

Future Golf Pros

Now that the twins are getting older, we have been able to include them in some of OUR hobbies.  Drew is a great golfer.  I still consider myself to be a beginner.  Last week, we took the twins out on the course with us.  They only lasted four holes, but I felt pretty good about that for their first time.  Drew was very patient with all of us and even managed to give the twins a few pointers.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May In My Phone

Nap with Dad

Emily said "Mom!!  I think this is what Grandma likes!"

Target helpers

This is Drew after a concert buying me donuts at a walk-up in Dallas

Emily wanted to see the bar menu at Superior...what she didn't know was that Maddie had already gotten the bartender's attention and said "I will take a Dr. Pepper and my cousin will have a milk."  The bartender got those drinks out abnormally fast!

He loves Legos

Bogie decided to go for a swim at Norton

We met Drew Brees!!!  He walked up to our table at Walk Ons and was trying to talk to the twins....they were not impressed.

Don't breathe....they are playing nicely together 

Playdate at the park

Post swim picnic with Maddie

Elson was organizing his golf bag