Friday, May 27, 2016

Gators and Friends...Again

We had so much fun last year when we took a trip to Gators and Friends, that we decided to have a repeat.  This year the twins even held a baby alligator!!!  They (again) really enjoyed the pony ride.

Elson's selfie on a the pony

Emily's selfie on the pony (note the injury from running into a chair with her face the previous day)

Emily and Lila holding a gator!!

Elson and Cole holding a gator!!

Gators and Friends with our friends!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

11 Years and Counting...

Drew and I celebrated our 11 year wedding anniversary yesterday with a picnic and star gazing out at our friends' farm.  It was great to spend a little quality time with the guy I'm still glad I said yes to all those years ago.

The End of Pre-K 4

The twins have had so much fun in Ms. Hogan's Jungle this year.  They have learned so much in Pre-K 4, and I'm so grateful for such a sweet school.  I'm even more thankful that we still have one more year there!!  Since the twins have a late birthday, Drew and I have decided to bridge them.  They will do an extra year of preschool in Ms. Rogers' rainbow bridging class.


Saturday, May 7, 2016

Spring Bash

The twins had their Spring Bash at St. Paul's this week.  Spring Bash is a lot like field day....there was frame decorating, musical chairs, gardening, a bike/scooter race, a jump house, firetruck washing, and snoballs.  It was a FUN day!

Emily with Ms. Hogan

Elson with Ms. Hogan 

April In My Phone

Better late than never......

Sci-port experiment with our buddy Jinx


Carwash cuteness

Backyard fun

Norton again....this time with Bogie

Cotton candy at East Ridge

Watching golf with dad...after eating the cotton candy

Sleeping Beauty 

Happy Un-Birthday!

St. Paul's loves to celebrate birthdays.  Since the twins have a summer birthday, their sweet teacher Ms. Hogan asked if we would like to have an "un-birthday" celebration.  The twins, of course, thought this was hilarious!

You get to be the leader when it's your birthday

Ms. Rose telling them happy birthday

Elson's face is too funny

Emily trying to fix that face