Saturday, April 16, 2016

The "Not So Much" Camp Out

We recently attempted our first camp out.  East Ridge was hosting its first annual camp out, so I, of course, signed us up!  We even bought a new tent.  We headed to East Ridge and the twins had a blast in the jumpy house, having their faces painted, eating snoballs, and hanging out with their friends, but it was starting to getting COLD!  Shortly after dinner, Emily managed to slide down a concrete hill on her knees.  After that, she was done!  I was done because I was cold and now had blood from Emily's knees on my white jeans.  So we packed it up and headed home for a camp out in the den.  Next year we will try to make it the whole night.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

March In My Phone

Thanks for the new toys Mimi!!

Apparently this is how teenagers dress and pose for pictures

Setting up an obstacle course
Bogie's first bath
Playing in the puddles after a recent storm/flood

Candy Land

Bogie love before bed
My view of the cart at Target....this picture really is a good depiction of my life
He wanted to see if the water was cold