Saturday, March 5, 2016

RIP Sammy Dog

Our beloved Sammy dog passed away on Thursday after a short illness.  Drew and I adopted Sam after Hurricane Katrina.  He had been found on the streets three months after the storm.  After that he went to a pound, where days before being put down he was rescued by the Plaquemines Parish Animal Welfare Society.  Drew and I got him two days later.  When people asked what kind of dog Sam was, we always said he was "part cocker spaniel, part Katrina, but mostly crazy."  Sam was with us for three graduations, three houses, two cities, a fertility struggle, a miscarriage, 10 weeks of bedrest and over four years of twins.  He was a good and loyal dog, who never left my side when I needed him most.  He started out with no patience for the twins, but in the end had more patience with them than any of us.  He loved bananas, dum dums, pine cones, and chasing squirrels.  He hated baths, cats, and little yippie dogs.  He ate sitting down and walked slightly sideways.  He will be missed.

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