Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving Festivities 2015

Thanksgiving season this year has been so much fun!  The twins had a Harvest Festival and Thanksgiving Feast at their sweet school.  The Harvest Festival included among other things, butter making, candle making, tepee and totem pole decorating and a real campfire.  At the Thanksgiving Feast, all the classes dressed up as Pilgrims and Indians and enjoyed a meal together.

As a family, we decided to forgo cooking Thanksgiving lunch.  Instead we let East Ridge do the cooking this year.  It was a nice laid back day that I was thankful for.  Elson did say we upset that he didn't get have an opportunity to catch a turkey....there's always Christmas ;)

The twins' sweet teacher picked their names....Wise Owl and Strong Wolf
Post Thanksgiving lunch family picture....Emily and Drew had already changed clothes....and Emily had already gotten herself in trouble (note the fake smile.....real life with a four year old girl).

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