Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Alexandria Zoo

The twins had a day off of school last week so we decided go on an adventure to the Alexandria Zoo.  From my online research I discovered they had a new lion and a train.  However, upon arrival we were informed that the train would not be running that day.....poor Elson was pretty bummed.  Once we got over the disappointment of the train not running, we got down to business exploring the zoo.  We had a great time and had the entire zoo to ourselves.  The new lion was apparently VERY new to zoo life and I'm pretty sure he thought we were his lunch.  He kept attacking the glass standing between us and when he would calm down for a few seconds he just stare at the twins licking his lips.  It was a quite the adventure!!

Elson kept asking for the map of the zoo so he could tell us how to get to the lion
The Crazy Lion

The train that wasn't running :(

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