Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Our Little Ballerina

Emily has been asking to take ballet classes for months.  So I finally broke down and enrolled her in ballet class.  She was so excited on the first day, but also a little nervous.  As we were walking in, she asked Elson "Will you hold my hand and walk me in?"  It was a precious twin moment.  She quickly got over her nerves and loves it.

It should be noted that Elson also tried karate this day, but said he didn't need to go back.  He says he wants to try soccer next.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Alexandria Zoo

The twins had a day off of school last week so we decided go on an adventure to the Alexandria Zoo.  From my online research I discovered they had a new lion and a train.  However, upon arrival we were informed that the train would not be running that day.....poor Elson was pretty bummed.  Once we got over the disappointment of the train not running, we got down to business exploring the zoo.  We had a great time and had the entire zoo to ourselves.  The new lion was apparently VERY new to zoo life and I'm pretty sure he thought we were his lunch.  He kept attacking the glass standing between us and when he would calm down for a few seconds he just stare at the twins licking his lips.  It was a quite the adventure!!

Elson kept asking for the map of the zoo so he could tell us how to get to the lion
The Crazy Lion

The train that wasn't running :(

Sunday, January 4, 2015

December In My Phone

Giddy Up Daddy

Model Pose

Story Time

Dinner and a movie with Luke

Raiding the Christmas Chocolate 

Circus tricks at the park

Checking out a turtle at Sci-Port

Crafts at Dad's work Christmas party

Walk with Dad

Even Mom and Dad showed up this month.....we do exist ;)

Emily Selfie

Class Christmas Party...wrapping Ms. Porter up like a Christmas Tree

Christmas Program

Too much partying

Cookie Decorating

Christmas Eve dinner at Superior Grill

Watch out ladies....Elson vacuuming without a shirt

Jumping In The Pit at Air-U
Elson snuggling with Grandma 

Nobody move....they are playing well together!

Hanging out with Dad

Christmas 2014

The twins were absolutely ADORABLE this Christmas!!  They were so excited about Santa coming that they could hardly stand it.  Spending Christmas morning with these two was a true blessing.  Their excitement was contagious.  Emily says her favorite thing from Santa is her Princess Dolls.  Elson says his favorite thing from Santa is his Scooter. Of course, we also had all the Smith family over for dinner and our annual silly string war.

Christmas Eve

This was as good as we got!

Riding Christmas scooters in our pajamas