Sunday, September 21, 2014

Temper Tantrums.....

Living with three-year-old twins is like living with two crazy people (and I do mean that literally).  In my never ending parental naiveness, I thought that we were in the free and clear once the terrible twos were gone.  Once again, these two are proving me wrong.  One second everything is going splendidly, then wham....everything has fallen apart.  The slightest thing can set them off.  Once Emily had a complete meltdown because "her sock was touching her foot."  Seriously!!  And not to be outdone, Elson threw a temper tantrum just yesterday because I had the audacity to take the wrapper off his lollipop for dare I??!!  Seriously....these kids could be mistaken for crazy people, but I'm pretty sure they're just regular three-year-olds ;)

......and sometimes they are sooooooooo sweet!!!

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