Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pre-K 3

The twins have officially started Pre-K!!!  I didn't feel sad at all until I dropped them off in the carpool line.  For mother's day out, you had to park and bring them to the door.  In Pre-K, there is a carpool line.  As they got out my minivan that first day, all I could think was that I was sending them out into the great big world and had forgotten to tell them so many things (like not to stick anything up their nose).  I know it's crazy because they are only there for three hours a day and I know the break from each is good and healthy, but I couldn't help but feel sad to have lost that time with them.  Enough about me....they had a great day and were happy to go back the next day!  They also said they loved their new teacher :)

goodbye sweet babies :(

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