Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Losing Sam....Then Finding Him

We recently lost Sam for three long days.  It was my fault....I was in a hurry to get the twins inside and down for naps, then I was in a hurry to get dinner started and a little work done....and well, I just didn't realize that he snuck out of the house when I was busy getting the twins inside.  I felt terrible.  I cried a lot, and when I cried Drew would hug me.  Emily kept telling people "Daddy makes Mommy feel better because she misses her Sammy dog."  After three days of him being gone, and us all starting to lose hope that we would ever see him again, a nice man brought him home.  Apparently Sam is a very likeable dog, and even though he had a tag on with his address, this man really wanted to keep Sam.  Sorry mister, but Sam is home where he is suppose to be!!

We were so happy to have Sammy home we even let him on the couch!!!

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