Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Big Kid Beds

Emily finally wore me down.  Every morning she cries for me from her crib "come help me out of the bed" and "save me."  So, Drew and I decided it was time for Operation Big Kid Beds.  We got two twin beds and let each kiddo pick out their own sheets.  Not surprisingly, Elson picked Star Wars and Emily picked Princess.  I was a little nervous about how they would take to the new found freedom of being able to get out of their beds.  Bedtime went wonderfully.  No one got out of the bed and they fell asleep fairly quickly.  Naptime is another story.  We have had some trouble convincing them that it is naptime and not playtime.  Today is the third day and it definitely went better than the last two.  I'm hopeful that we are on the right track.

Throwback of Drew putting together their cribs

Drew putting together their big kid beds
Cribs with babies in my belly....I was only about 20 weeks pregnant here!

Big kids in their big beds!!!

Sweet babies sharing a crib

Funny big kids sharing a crib

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