Sunday, September 29, 2013

He's a Truck Man!

Drew has been wanting to get a truck for about a year now.  The agreement was that he could get a truck once he sold his Jeep.  Well, he sold his Jeep about two weeks ago and he has been looking at trucks ever since (I think I referred to his search in my zoo post).   I am now happy to say that he purchased a "new to us" truck this week and he is so happy.  His love for his new truck is contagious and adorable.  I'm now happily married to a truck man!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Caldwell Zoo Adventure

Drew is in the process of finding/buying a new (used, but new to us) truck.  He thought he had found the perfect one in Tyler, which is about 1.5 hours from us.  So on Monday we drove to Tyler to take a look at the truck that we ended up not purchasing and also took the opportunity to have an adventure at the Caldwell Zoo.  It's a pretty small zoo, but considering I was wrangling the twins by myself while Drew looked at trucks, I was thankful for the smaller size.  I brought our harnesses because I knew the twins wouldn't sit in a stroller, but we ended up renting a wagon instead of using the harnesses.  The twins were so well behaved.  When we got to an attraction, they would climb out of the wagon and when it was time to move on they climbed right back in (not a single temper tantrum).  It was truly a lovely time.

According to Emily the penguins were "sooo cute"

Elson loved the giraffes

She was waving hello to the flamingos

The lion was more interesting than taking a picture

Petting goats

Enjoying a snack with the elephants

Monday, September 16, 2013

First Tigers Game

We decided to take the twins down to their first LSU Tigers football game on Saturday.  We were already in Baton Rouge for Judice's baby shower, so it was the perfect opportunity to introduce them to the craziness.  We did a little tailgating before the game and managed to get to our seats before the band came out to play Emily's "special Tiger song" (the pregame song).  They were very excited about the band....the game though not so much.  They only lasted the first quarter.  It is really hard for two year olds to get into a football game no matter how many snacks you bribe them with.  It was still a good time and both kiddos haven't stopped talking about it since. 

I love this picture of Drew and Emily walking in front of the law center.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mother's Day Out

Yesterday, the twins started their Mother's Day Out Program.  They go two days a week and the program runs from 9:30-2:30, but I pick them up after lunch so they can nap at home.  The first day went about as expected....we were all emotional.  I cried a little that morning and both the twins cried when we dropped them off.  When I went to pick them up around noon, the Program Director told me that Elson took to it a little better than Emily, which surprised us all.  We will try to get in the swing of it over the next couple of weeks.

I was so worried someone would get their names wrong (especially Elson's), so I had these shirts made to ensure everyone knew the correct spelling.

I'm so thankful they have each other!!

Walking into school with Daddy!!

Monday, September 2, 2013

August In My Phone

Trying to escape the movie to go to the arcade

They broke into the pantry to feed Sam

Library time

Watching the train go by outside of SciPort

My pretty girl hanging out at the pool

Enjoying cupcakes and suckers at Max Henry's birthday party

Post bath cartoons in Mom and Dad's bed

A boy and his dog

Trampoline time with Luke and Max Henry

Being crazy and making a mess

At the doctor for an ear infection

Being out of control at Dad's office

Pops with his hands full  (Both kids wouldn't let anyone hold them but their Pop!!)