Tuesday, August 27, 2013

National Dog Day

Did you know that yesterday was National Dog Day?  Yeah....I didn't either until I saw a bunch of Facebook posts about it.  I thought everyday was a dog day (at least it is in my house).  In honor of National Dog Day, I decided to give a little update on Sam the dog. 

Sam has finally come to terms with the fact that the twins are here to stay.  He has even come to appreciate their willingness to share their snacks.  Although, he still has his moments of disdain towards the twins, his overall attitude has greatly improved over the last two years.

Give me a kiss!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013


Since the twins have outgrown their little baby pool, I decided to repurpose it into a sandbox.  We picked up a couple shovels and buckets and some sand and now we have a good old fashioned sandbox.  Both kiddos love to play in the sand.  Emily is more the type to sit and dig while Elson likes to move the sand around the yard.  He really likes to pick it up with his shovel and move it to the little compartment on the back of his bike.  Either way, they have both been enjoying the sandbox, which make me a happy momma!

My pretty girl

Hello handsome man

Working together

Friday, August 9, 2013

Two Year Stats

The twins went for their two year checkup a couple of weeks ago.  Both kiddos looked great and are growing at the perfect pace.  I was happy to have Drew there to help because the checkup involved eye exams, a finger prick, and a shot.  It was very traumatic!!  Here are the latest stats:

Weight- 23 lb 13 oz (35%)
Height - 33.25 in (25%)
Head - 19 in (65%)

Weight - 26 lb (40%)
Height - 33.75 in (25%)
Head - 18.75 in (25%)

Best Buddies :)

Thursday, August 1, 2013

July In My Phone

FYI.....You may notice that some of the pictures from my phone have a filter.  That is because I'm addicted to Instagram.  If you have Instagram and want to follow me, my username is leahndrew.

Peek a boo

Big slide, little girl

Showing Baby Knox how to get really wet at Sci-Port

Headed to lunch with Dad

Big boy climbing

Watching Dad mow the grass

Happy girl at Gymboree

A baby and a beer in a bar

Hanging out under the trampoline

Taking a little time to read at Sci-Port

Cupcake Date

Thanks to the Garons for the Caillou dolls


Swimming in the lake with Dad

Crazy boy
Morning time in Mom and Dad's bed
Best friends headed to the park