Monday, July 15, 2013

Two Years Old

The twins turned two this past Saturday.  I can barely believe that two years have passed since I gave birth to these two little people.  They continue to amaze me everyday.

We started our day with traditional birthday pancakes.  Elson only ate the sprinkles off of his, but Emily devoured hers.  We played at the park and enjoyed lunch at Chick-Fa-La (the twins favorite lunch spot).  After naps, we got ready for the main event....the birthday party.  I decided to do this year's party at Gymboree.  The twins love it there and I was happy to not have the mess at my house.  We had such a good time at the party with most of our best buddies. It was truly a perfect day!



I love this picture....Emily is letting Max Henry know that she will take him down over that cupcake

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