Monday, May 20, 2013

Little Personalities

Emily and Elson have really developed their own little personalities over the last few months, so I thought I would give you an updated on what they are each like on a daily basis at 22 months old....

Emily is a boss.  I say boss instead of bossy because I'm hoping that turns her "I'm going to tell everyone what to do" tendencies into a positive trait of leadership.  The girl loves being outside and has no problem with getting dirty.  She has hilarious dance moves.  Her smile and laugh are infectious.  Her temper tantrums are intense.  She hates to go "night, night" and is not a morning person.  She talks all the time and, although she mumbles, I can generally understand what she is saying.  She is super possessive, especially of her Momma.  At the moment, her favorite things are cookies, coloring, "Mickey Donald" and Goofy.

Elson is all boy.  He loves to climb, jump, throw balls, splash in the bathtub, and run around like a crazy person.   He is also a total tech nerd.  He is obsessed with all electronic devices, especially his I-Pad.  He is generally easy-going as long as he stays on his schedule.  He gives the best hugs ever!  He is a morning person just like his Dad and always wakes up happy.  He has to have his specific lovie in order to go to sleep.  He hasn't been a great talker, but has really been saying a lot more as of late.  Other than his I-Pad, at the moment, his favorite things are blueberries and Blue's Clues.

Together they have a love/hate relationship.  They love to play together and tend to gravitate to each other when in groups with other children.  However, they do fight.  Mostly physical altercations over space intrusion.  I think they have finally come to terms with being stuck with each other for the foreseeable future.

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