Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mickey Donald Boat

We just got home from our Disney cruise (or as Emily would say the "Mickey Donald Boat").  Despite a few minor glitches, we had a wonderful time and the twins were real troopers for the five hour car drive there and back.  We did most of the big activities on the boat....we attended the sail away party, played in the toddler splash pad, attended toddler play time, danced at the family dance parties, caught a Broadway style show, and even met Goofy (the line for Mickey was too long).  Our cruise took us to Cozumel, where we headed to a beach club for a few hours.  The twins had a good time playing in the sand and showing off their recently acquired swim skills in the pool. After a busy day in Cozumel, we put the twins in the nursery while Drew and I headed to the spa for a massage and ate dinner at the adult only restaurant.  My favorite part was the show and I was pleasantly surprised that it kept the twins' attention for a whole hour.  Drew's favorite part was relaxing at the beach club in Cozumel.  I think Emily's favorite part was eating ice cream Mickey bars every night and I think Elson's favorite part was being able to run around like a crazy baby because there were crazy babies everywhere.

The Mickey Donald Boat (this picture was taken in Cozumel where the water is blue, not Galveston)
Family picture with Captain Mickey

Checking it out

Sail away party

Girls at dinner

Elson giving his Dad a hug at dinner

Elson being crazy at toddler play time

Emily at the splash pad

Elson at the splash pad

Water in the face

"Please Do Not Throw Anything Over The Ship's Side".....this includes crazy babies!!


"Where are my french fries?"

Taking a walk with Dad

Playing on the beach in Cozumel

Sweet Elson giving his Momma some beach love

After a little Cozumel swim

Emily dancing with her Daddy at the Family Dance Party
Emily enjoying her Mickey bar

Hanging out with Goofy....Emily was a little nervous and cried a little but managed to pull it together for a quick picture.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Swim Lessons

For the last few weeks the twins have been taking swim lessons.  I have to say that I am really impressed with their progress.  They were scared at first, but now they can hold on to the wall, jump off the stairs, and even go under water.  Emily has even been requesting that we go "swim please."  I think we will sign up for the next set of classes to keep it going.

Getting in the pool

After they went under

Hanging out in the hot tub after our swim lesson

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

March In My Phone

Lunch with Anna Claire at school
Lunch with Ellie at school (different day)

Playing music at the park

Milk break at Sci-Port

Gymboree play time

Wagon ride with Dad

Militant Momma

"One move and I'll shoot!!"

Emily picked out her first car

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

Even though the twins made it known that they did not want the Easter Bunny coming to their house, he still stopped by to fill their baskets (how kind of him :)).  After a fun-filled morning going through Easter baskets, we headed to our cousins house for brunch.  Aunt Mel really outdid herself.  The food was excellent and there was more variety than a Binon's buffet.  It was a great day spent overeating with family.

Elson letting everyone know how hard it is to be the only boy!