Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Mardi Gras Y'all

Before I had the twins, Mardi Gras was my favorite holiday.  In Baton Rouge, Drew and I lived one street off the best parades routes.  We went to all the parades and had way too much fun.  I was really looking forward to sharing my favorite holiday with the twins this year (last year they were still too young to have any fun).  Unfortunately, a terrible virus hit our house last week and we had to miss the two really good parades that Shreveport has to offer.   Thankfully, we recovered just in time to hit up the neighborhood Highland parade.  It was fun....just not what I'm used to.  Now that I'm a Shreveport girl I will have to get used to a "Yankee" Mardi Gras.

Everyone that knows us from our former life will appreciate Drew's shirt

There was no way she was asking him to "Throw me somethin' Mister"

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