Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

We had a great Christmas day in the Smith household.  The twins were so excited to see all the gifts that Santa left them.  They really loved all their presents, but I think their favorites were the musical instruments from Santa and the kitchen from Momie and Pops.  Drew and I had so much fun watching the twins enjoy their Christmas, but I think next year will be even better.  They didn't really "get" it this year.  They do love that there's a tree in the house.  Every morning they run in the front room screaming "tree!"  It's really cute.  Ready for picture overload, here it is.....




"Try on your sunglasses, Brother"

Elson trying out a duck call....Quack, Quack!

The men got an early start on cooking and drinking.

"Faster, Anna Claire"

I got the big girls caboodles.  They didn't know what they were....I miss the 90s.

Sweet Maddie

Merry Christmas!

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