Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Callin' Baton Rouge

This past weekend we headed down to Baton Rouge for the LSU Baseball Regional.  When we got to town on Saturday we stopped by to see Mike the Tiger, who rudely slept through our visit.  Then we took a walk down memory lane and headed to Spanish Town where we visited the Capitol and drove past our old apartment.  We even saw our old landlord Darryl.  We were so excited to show him the twins.  After that we headed to lunch at the Chimes with Uncle Brad and Leslie.  The menu has changed, but the atmosphere was the same and the company was as wonderful as always.  Once we finished lunch, Drew and Brad spent some quality guy time together while the twins and I headed to Vanessa's house.  The twins skipped naps and played with Baby Madeleine, Vanessa, and Judice (Caroline napped).  After a fun filled day, Drew and I put the twins down for the night and went to the baseball game with Pops and Uncle Mark while Momie and Cousin Ellie stayed with the twins.  The next morning, we met Grandma at Coffee Call for breakfast before heading back to Shreveport. We only had one injury the whole weekend....Emily busted her eye on the corner of a coffee table.  Aside from Emily's injury, it was a crazy, fun, wild weekend.  I'm tired!

This is my reality when trying to get a good picture.

Elson starting his trip Around the World at the Chimes.

Emily's busted eye.  Poor baby.

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