Friday, May 25, 2012

Sleeping Babies

The twins are great sleepers.  They weren't always this way, but thanks to the help of "Twelve Hours by Twelve Weeks" we taught these babies how to sleep.  We put them to bed at 6:30pm and don't go back in their room until 6:30am.  They don't sleep the whole time.  They usually play in their cribs before they fall asleep and when they wake up in the morning.  Elson has a bad habit of waking up around 5:30am to fill his diaper.  He then announces it to the house and falls back asleep.  Their morning nap is 8:30-10:00 and their afternoon nap is 1:00-3:00.  Some days naps go smoothly and some days not so smoothly.  On days when they nap poorly, it is torture.  They fuss and cling to me until it is time to go back down.  But we seem to be have more good nap days than bad...and I'll take that!

These were the days when we were learning to sleep.

Sweet Sleeping Babies

Good Morning!

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