Monday, April 21, 2014

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had as great of an Easter as we did!!  The twins loved all their treats from the Easter Bunny. Elson's favorite was his Darth Vader and Emily's was her Frozen dress-up clothes.  We also enjoyed a delicious lunch with the whole family.  It was the best Easter yet!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Potty Training

I have to say that I was really dreading potty training and kept putting it off.  Elson would ask me to use the potty and I would encourage him to use his diaper just a little bit longer.  I told a more experienced mother about that and she looked at me like I was crazy and told me it was time.  I took her advice and decided to bite the bullet.  I had read all about "potty training in 3 days."  That book took us 7 days before we really had it down, which I still think is pretty darn good!! 

I have a lot of cute pictures of the twins potty training, but I'm not sure they would appreciate having all their "business" posted on this blog (The cutest picture is of Elson peeing on a tree outside while Emily holds up his shirt to make sure he doesn't get pee on it!!).  In an effort to not embarrass my children any more than I already do/have, I will just post an adorable picture of them wearing cute clothes with cute underwear underneath :)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Tax Season 2014

Have you done your taxes yet?  If not, you better get on top of that. 

I know that I have been slacking on my blogging, but that is because I have been working a ton!!  March was the most I have worked in a single month since I got pregnant with the twins.  I'm happy to say that tax season is over and we can return to our regularly scheduled program.

Elson helping me work

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March In My Phone

Hanging out with Max Henry at Clyde's birthday party

Hugging it out at the gym

Snuggle time

Hanging out with our Baton Rouge buddies

Playing princesses at Jeanne Kathryn's house

Out for a stroll

Drive-in movie

Going get a big boy haircut

Playing with our friends at the park

Making cookies

Typical Emily coloring at the park

She's such a lady!!

Daddy love

Rice Krispies mess!

Jumping out our energy with our buddy Eliza

Thursday, March 20, 2014

First LSU Baseball Game

A couple of weeks ago, we took the twins to their first LSU baseball game.  They lasted slightly longer than at their first football game mainly because the baseball games aren't as crowded and there are parks in right and left field.  Elson was very interested in watching the game, while Emily was more interested in the snacks and people watching.  Either way, they have both been asking to go to another baseball game.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

First Trip to the Dentist

A couple of weeks ago we made our first trip to the dentist.  I didn't have an appointment scheduled for months, but my friend who is the hygienist (and also a mother of twins) called to tell me they had an opening if we wanted to head up there.  I jumped all over it.  I think it was best not to have any build up.  Emily and Elson both did great.  Elson was a little more eager than Emily, but both were extremely cooperative.  In fact, every night since then Emily has added the dentist to the list of things she is thankful for.  All in all, it was a complete success!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Mardi Gras Y'all!

The only Mardi Gras-ing (is that a word) that we did this year was a small neighborhood kids' parade with some of our friends.  Emily rode in a decorated wagon with her buddy Emma while Elson hung out on his Dad's shoulders.  It was the perfect Mardi Gras experience for two year olds.

enjoying some king cake